We need you!

Cosecha has been building a new way to fight. We will no longer wait for election cycles to come and go. We will no longer work for legislation that has little hope of passing. We will no longer rely on advocates to be our voice. It is time for us to rise up. Do you want to finally do what you believe needs to be done to win Permanent Protection, Dignity and Respect for all immigrants in this country? Join the team of Full-time Cosecha Volunteer Organizers! 

It is time to step up! With fear and uncertainly taking a hold of our community and plans for a “deportation force”, it is time to build a force of our own to stand up to these injustices. We are looking for dedicated, driven, and imaginative warriors that are ready to throw down and help get the migrant community to harvest it’s labor and consumer power to force this country to recognize it’s dependence on the immigrant community.

What is it like to be a volunteer organizer?

We are a group of energetic organizers, imaginative artists, and social media wizards that have vowed to embody the Cosecha strategy and principals. As volunteers we are not tied to any organizational hierarchy or accountable to any funders. The need of our community is where we gain our strength. Wherever we go we hit the ground running as an unstoppable force of change, whether its to stop deportations happening on the ground or supporting campuses walking out at a national level.

I believe in the power of our people and everything I do in Cosecha is related to that value. That’s why I know we can win. There’s no better place for me to do that work than to do it in community and with others giving their all for our people. I’ve been a VO for 19 months - 1) there’s no better time to join than now, 2) money really can’t buy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, 3) but really, what are you waiting for?
— Fhatima Paulino
Cosecha gave me back hope in organizing. It reaffirmed for me that the immigrant community has always had the power to create change and the time has come to use it. Cosecha challenges and pushes you in unimaginable directions while giving you the support to build in community and feel part of a family.
— Nataly Castaño Vélez
If there is ever a time to join and make the biggest impact in your community it is now. As a Volunteer Organizer in Cosecha, we create our own analysis of what we think will create the most change for our community. In other words, we don’t hold back!
— Carlos E Rojas Rodriguez