There are 2 million people who could be facing deportation in less than 50 days. The results of the November 8th election have put millions of people in this country at increased risk. And under a Trump Administration, immigration agents will be bolder than ever.

CosechaFe is organizing clergy and lay leaders to invite people of faith to learn more about the struggles of undocumented immigrants, to spark conversations about our role in this moment as people of faith, to show support for undocumented immigrants by hosting public actions, and to push back on the increased enforcement and ICE activity that we are expected to see when Trump becomes president. We will draw the line on enforcement practices and publicly denounce ICE, and push them away from our communities. 

If you can take leadership locally or on one of the campaign's support teams, please add your name below and we will make sure you get the support you need and give your more resources to enhance your leadership in the movement.