The Immigrant Resistance Campaign aims to establish public spaces of resistance and protection for the migrant community. We must come together to expose the pain and actively resist Trump's enforcement regime. The only way to stop the raids, criminalization, and family separation is through sanctuary and civil resistance. Sign up below to receive more information about how to join the campaign, do local work, and support in other ways.


People of faith are organizing their congregations and communities to establish sanctuary for undocumented immigrants and other vulnerable people. There are multiple ways to get involved.


After the largest coordinated immigrant-led student walkouts in decades, the #SanctuaryCampus movement needs plans for 2017! Join our next call on Monday, December 12th, at 9 pm ET, to brainstorm what the beginning of the year could look like an dhow we can create another energetic moment soon after the semester starts. ***Register even if you can't make it and we will send notes and a recording***.


Cosecha is calling on allies and accomplices to join the movement and show up to provide sanctuary at homes, schools, and places of worship, support immigrant workers' boycotts and strikes, and take direct action to expose and resist the raids, detentions, and deportations. Under a Trump Administration, immigration agents will be bolder than ever - it’s time for allies, accomplices, and collaborators to show up for some of this country's most vulnerable residents and put themselves between immigration enforcement and undocumented immigrants.