The Cosecha Fellowship is about creating a new generation of social movement leaders through hands on experience and extensive training.

This is not your typical fellowship. Fellows will be at the front of building a powerful movement for permanent protection, dignity, and respect for all immigrants in the U.S. Through their work, fellows will grow their leadership skills by diving into a growing movement.

Small group mentoring and support will supplement the hands on experience that is an integral part of Cosecha’s movement building model.   


Fellows will work on three essential components of movement building

Escalation CampaignS


Cosecha relies on campaigns to move our strategy and our movement forward. Cosecha's campaigns are both offensive and defensive. We take direct action and create campaigns that help engage thousands of people in our strategy. We study past movements such as the United Farm Workers Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement to inform our campaigns and strategy. Our work is supported by the theory from the Fletcher School of Nonviolent Resistance and the Momentum Community. 

Training and Base BuildinG


The vision of Cosecha is to run a general strike of 5-8 million workers - for which we estimate we need 100,000 to 200,000 leaders engaged in the movement. We are developing a massive training and leadership program to bring people into the movement and develop leadership skills on an exponential scale - a scale unlike this country has seen in decades. Our work is based on the theory and model of organizing developed by Marshall Ganz, which many Cosecha organized have practices and studied for years.

Movement CapacitY


Cosecha is a movement run, organized and sustained by our communities. We know we can't rely on the corporate world for support. We don't receive salaries, but instead depend on our community to raise funds and meet our basic needs - food, a place to sleep, health, and community. In order to provide this support - which is essential to good campaigning - we need people with all kinds of skills from communications to graphic design, website development, business management, fundraising, and relational culture. There are a million ways for all of us to contribute to the movement.



June 5 - 15

National fellowship training: The Fundamentals of Leadership & Movement Building

These 10 days of training are designed to give the Fellows the foundation they will need to become strong leaders and masters of movement building basics. Look at the sample curriculum here

june 15 - august 22

Local and regional field support

Once training has finished, fellows will be assigned to different parts of the country to practice their new found skills. Fellows will work with Cosecha Circles, Volunteer Organizers, and experienced coaches to help grow the movement. Fellows will gain skills and practice in escalation campaigns, training and base building and growing movement capacity.

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AUgust 23 - 25

Reflection, Evaluation and Closing Celebration

As the fellowship comes to a close, everyone will come back together to reflect, evaluate how our movement has grown, and celebrate our work.


Living in Community

Cosecha Fellows will live in community with other Cosecha Volunteer organizers, as part of the Volunteer Organizer Network. Movimiento Cosecha organizers live in voluntary simplicity, following in the footsteps of the movement of the United Farm Workers in California. As part of the Volunteer Organizing Network fellows will give the gift of their work to the movement and in turn rely on the movement and the community to meet their basic needs such as food and housing.

Everyone who is part of the Volunteer Organizing Network, including fellows, are given an additional $50 per week to cover any additional expenses. It is an expectation that during the time of the fellowship fellows join the current volunteer organizers in living in voluntary simplicity.

Are you ready to become a full time fighter for the immigrant community?

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