CosechaFe is organizing people of faith and places of worship to lift up the struggles of undocumented immigrants, spark conversations about our role in this moment as people of faith, support immigrant organizers, and push back on the increased enforcement and ICE activity under the new administration.

How can congregations be part of the May 1 Day Without Immigrants?

On May 1, immigrants and refugees throughout the U.S. will not work or shop in order to show the American public that this country cannot function without the labor of the immigrant community. Participating in a strike involves risks–but doing nothing is an even biggest risk. For a successful day of action we need the whole community behind us, and there are many ways for congregations to support:

  • Endorse “A Day Without Immigrants”  by filling out this online form.

  • Hang a “May 1: Day Without Immigrants” banner on your building to increase visibility. Banner design coming soon, or make your own!

  • Host an undocumented immigrant speaker at ally congregations–CosechaFe can help match speakers in places where we have connections.

  • Allow immigrants working at your congregation to participate–either with pay or re-arranging work hours so that income is not lost.

In cities and towns where local Cosecha circles are planning for May 1, we especially need your support (click here for the list). For each location we are seeking a volunteer Interfaith Liaison to do outreach in the faith community, be a central contact for CosechaFe, and coordinate with immigrant organizers. In these places we are seeking congregations to:

  • Host, Volunteer, or Donate to a “Day Without an Immigrant Support Center” which will be a central meeting place for immigrants participating in May 1. Support Centers can offer resources for those on strike such as a food pantry and community meals, to minimize the burden of lost wages.

  • Provide space for organizing trainings on May 6: the Saturday after May 1, Cosecha organizers will be running bilingual trainings in many cities to keep the movement building following May 1.

CosechaFe Working Groups

We will continue the momentum following May 1 through two national working groups: