From February 10-12th, Cosecha from across the country will be meeting to prepare for the year of resistance.

For years our community has been told to rely on politicians in DC to give us permanent protection dignity and respect. We've been told to wait, while the raids, the deportations, and exploitation continue. 

We believe the time has come for us to use a more powerful force. To show this country that it could not function without our labor. That it depends on the migrant community. We believe that the time has come to use the power of mass noncooperation, the tools of civil resistance that people around the world have use for centuries to resist authoritarian governments. 

Together we will get trained in the methods of noncooperation, practice taking action, design campaigns, and learn how to use our art and culture as a weapon of resistance. 


Please sign up for the Recap call on Tuesday at 9 pm ET so you can plug in to the organizing that will lead up to the Day Without Immigrants.

What will we do at the Assembly?

  • Learn the Cosecha 4 phase strategy, and how we will use civil resistance strategies and methods of mass non cooperation to win permanent protection, dignity and respect for all 11 million undocumented people. 
  • Have a dialogue about the moment we’re in: how we got to where we are in the immigrant rights movement and what we have to do to be able to win (not just defend) 
  • Participate in workshops on how to plan and execute civil resistance campaigns that create moral crisis and change public opinion
  • Learn how to use art and culture on the streets to help build the resistance
  • Learn through doing! We will be doing an action in Boston, and everyone will have a role and get trained on how to do it, so that you can take it back home. 
  • Learn how to take it back home: join circles of [email protected] across the country in the spring and summer working to do resistance actions, train new leaders, and spread the idea of a week without immigrants to our people

Can you help the team out?

Get in touch with the following coordinators if you are able to support:

  • Translation (Equipment and Interpretation) - Nathalie Rengifo (857-498-1121, [email protected])
  • Space (Rooms to fit 100-200 people) - Maddie Howard (704-999-4276, [email protected])
  • Food (Ingredient Donations, Cooked meals, Meal sponsors) - Annie Gonzales (309-310-2341, [email protected])
  • Housing - Libby Shrobe (617-875-0539, [email protected],
  • Child Care - Raquel Saenz (505-730-2695, [email protected])
  • Travel Support - Nancy Sauceda (620-521-6800, [email protected])
  • Photo, Video or Promotion Support (taking pics, editing videos, promotion) - Vera Parra (917-519-7656, [email protected])
  • Fundraising - If you are able to contribute to the Cosecha National Assembly Travel Fund, please click here or get in touch with Arielle at [email protected]