It is time to fight on our own terms.

May 1st will be A Day Without Immigrants. We won't work. We won't buy things. Instead we are going to get together to show everyone that we have each other's backs. We will show the American public that this country cannot function without the labor of our community - the immigrant community. 

We cannot keep living this way.

We can't continue to live with ICE. With the separation of our families. We cannot keep living while being exploited at our workplaces. No more! We cannot bear living without dignity and respect. But we won't win dignity and respect until the public recognizes that our labor sustains this country.

We will start with 1 day. And we will finish with 7.

One day is just the beginning of a season of strikes and boycotts. We know that each time we strike for a day, we will build power. And the more days we strike, the stronger we will feel. The more desperate those in power become. The more the elite will want business to return to normal. They will be forced to figure out a way to give us permanent protection. And in the process, we will win the dignity and respect that we deserve and demand. 


What's next? Follow the steps to join a Cosecha circle or start a new one.

How do Cosecha circles work?

As long as you follow the Cosecha Principles and work to further the Cosecha Strategy, you are an integral part of our movement.

We are a decentralized movement: Cosecha is organized into circles, small (or large) communities of immigrants and allies who organize actions of non-cooperation to fight for permanent protection, dignity and respect for the 11 million undocumented immigrants in this country. Although local circles make their own decisions about how to act and when, they are supported by our growing team of action coaches. After you follow the steps below, you will be connected with a coach, who will guide you through the process of requesting a training, organizing your communities, joining our national campaigns or designing other actions of non-cooperation.

How do I join or create a circle?

As you read in our Principles, Movimiento Cosecha follows a “three-activist rule”: once three people decide to join Cosecha or take an action, they can form a circle and get full support from the movement. Take a look at our map below to find a circle near you and get the information you need to talk with the group's coordinator.

If you do not see a circle near you, the first step to starting a new circle is to find two friends in your community who will join you in fighting for permanent protection, dignity, and respect. Second, you three (or four or more) should find a time to meet or talk to choose roles. Each circle will require a coordinator, a facilitator, and a messenger. Some [email protected] may take on more than one role, but remember to reach out to your circle or your action coach when you need support.

·      Coordinator will communicate directly with the action coach and make sure the entire circle is on the same page and has the support they need. They will be responsible for coordinating the planning of meetings and actions.

·      Facilitator will facilitate meetings and ensure that the circle is moving towards their goals. They will be responsible for making sure that the circle understands Cosecha Strategy and Principles.

·      Messenger will support communication between circle members and will also communicate directly with Cosecha’s Volunteer Organizer Network. They will be responsible for updating circle/regional Facebook pages and coordinating other forms of outreach.

The third step will be to fill out the following survey. Once your responses have been submitted, the national team will connect you with an action coach to walk you through the movement’s current strategy and to answer any questions you may have. Please be sure to provide accurate contact information so that your coach is able to contact you directly.

If you want to support Movimiento Cosecha but do not want to start a local action circle, please click here to join our national infrastructure support team.